`Trademark Registration


1.) Trademark Registration in India:-

Trademark in India can also be termed as “Brandname”. Trademark in India is used by one undertaking on goods or services or other Trademark Registration In India articles of commerce in order to distinguish it from other similar goods or services that has been originate from different undertaking. Trademark in India creates a unique identity for your business which helps Trademark Registration In India you to link with the customers and hereby expand or elevates your business. Trademark in India or simply TM heightens the protection and deters other from using your “TM” and thus increases the remedies should someone infringe upon.

2.) Who can apply for a trademark in India??

A person who is claimed to be trademark registration in india the owner of the company can apply for a trademark in a prescribed writing manner at the appropriate office.Trademark under the classification trademark registration in india of goods and services is divided into 45 classes.

3.) Function of Trademark Registration in India:-

1. It advertises the brand in the market.

2. It creates an image of goods and services in the market

4.) Benefits Of Trademark In India:- There are innumerable benefits to register a trademark and utilizing the services of a trademark. Registering a trademark upraises the Trademark Registration In India protection, impeded others from using your TM, elevate the Trademark Registration In India solution should someone infringe upon.

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